MTB Coaching Sessions

E-Bike Nation Coaching & Rides

Whatever you have to say about them Electric Bikes are now a huge part of our cycling culture all over the world, both on and off road. It is easy to see that the popularity of E-bikes is still increasing, and with more and more riders getting back on two wheels because of them, this can't be a bad thing. With our electric bike specific coaching and e-bike tours we are ready to help riders get the most out of their Electric Mountain Bike experience.


E-MTB Coaching

Our Electric Mountain Bike coaching sessions are dedicated to ensuring that you get the most out of both the bike and yourself. E-Bikes are still bicycles and you pedal them as normal, but there are skills that are required on an E-Bike that are specific to them and maybe if you are unaware you may be losing out. By booking an E-MTB coaching session you will be making sure that you are ready for anything the route ahead has in store for you.

E-MTB sessions will include:
E-Mtb core skills specific coaching
Bike set up
Power usage
Using Gears on E-MTBs
Bike handling


E-Bike Tours and guided rides

E-Bike Tours and guided rides are the best way to have fun, stay safe and to get the most from that E-Bike experience. Our fleet of hire bikes are ready and waiting for you to go and explore.


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